Reconnecting 11-2-11

Spent the better part of today trying to get the photos uploaded to the blog.  Had to figure out an alternate pathway – finally got them all up to date and feel a great relief and sense of accomplishment – reconnected to the cyber-world again (for now).

Dad had some downtime, so he got out his tool set and reconnected the curtain in the RV that had been disconnected since Day 1 of our trip.  That had been bothering him and now it is fixed.

Had a visit from my cousin and we had more time today to reconnect today and shared some memories like Santa coming to our house on Christmas Eve and sledding down the 4th street hill.

I got to reconnect with a friend and past co-worker who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.  She picked me up in her convertible sports car and we drove to the coast just before sunset to share drinks and dinner and catch up on events in each other’s lives. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing her again and appreciated her taking the time to drive down here for the visit.  Hope it won’t be so long until we talk again. Maria – this qupote of the day is for you: One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach; one can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.



All in all, it was an accomplished and satisfying day.



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