All Roads Lead Home 11-5-11

When the sun rose this morning, we could finally see Lake Walenda, which we missed last night because we arrived in the dark. A mist was just rising off the water as the sun rose and gave a pink hue to the clouds.  I walked out on their dock and saw lily-pads and water grasses that hid small fish that wriggled just below the surface. After awhile, I saw objects moving in the water in the distance and was not sure if it was a water snake, alligator or schools of fish. Larger fish opened their mouths just at the water’s surface to gulp down unsuspecting bugs and then submerged, sending concentric circles of ripples radiating out across the water.  Brown squirrels chased each other up tree trunks and over adjacent limbs while chattering and dropping pine-cones and acorns to the ground.  I heard two birds calling from opposite sides of the lake – an unusual gawking, not particularly melodious – but I could not find them visually. It was a peaceful time since hardly anyone was out yet and I enjoyed the solitude and nature.

Since we had pie last night, we decided to have grapefruit this morning – hoping in some way that the calories would balance to the negative…Then we pulled up stakes and started toward I-10. Northern Florida had its fair share of farmland and pastures.  We passed an Inmate Work Farm (reminded me of Cool Hand Luke) and stopped at a Citrus Center to buy more fruit and “stuff” and to see their 30-FT ALLIGATOR!  They forgot to mention on the billboard (replica)…but we enjoyed the stop anyhow.  Shortly after that we left I-75 and crossed to the 10 West – our official turn towards home.  We still have about 2500 miles to go (so don’t stop reading now) and many more stories to tell.  But, we are already looking forward to seeing those we left behind and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Tonight we are in Chattahoochee, Florida (don’t you just love that name?) and having steak, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob and baked potatoes for dinner – maybe we won’t have to eat grapefruit tomorrow – but we have some in stock if we decide to eat dessert!

We also would like to introduce you to Midnight – we are not sure that is her name – but for tonight, that’s it.  She has adopted us and is quite affectionate – a little slice of home for her and for us (miss you Lotus).  I think she makes the campground rounds – but has found us the best of the lot (and we haven’t even fed or coaxed her).  Like all of us – she just likes a good rub-down and a friendly smile – WOTD.



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