11-11-11 A Lucky Day

First, we want to start with wishing all the Veterans a Happy Veteran’s Day – thank you for your service to our country that allow us the freedom to travel this great land as we have. The words of the day are dedicated to all of you:

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!
~Maya Angelou

We are sitting in our LAST campground before home.  We are in Casa Grande, AZ, south of Phoenix.  At first presentation, the campground looks sparse and harsh – but now that we are in it, we see that we are surrounded by nature and art. Quails are running about – their little families look like they are late for an appointment and have lost their way as they hustle at a frantic pace, to and fro through the part of the park called Quail Lane.  At Bunny Hop Trail (another one of the many cute road names within the park), I saw the biggest live jack-rabbit ever – it had to be 3ft tall and a foot of that was ears!  Beside him, was a smaller cotton-tailed bunny (Thumper-like) who dodged off as soon as it heard my footsteps on the gravel.  We are staying in a cul de sac called Owl’s Nest and through I have not yet found the nest, I hear the owl – how cool is that?  Now, what troubles me is that the main road that goes around the park is called Rattlesnake Curve and since I saw a warning sign at the desk, I believe that there are some rattlers out there…also, there is Coyote Run and Lizard Pass – not my choice of destinations!






Even though none of the trees is higher than the tallest RV in the park, there is still alot of local plants of interest.  At the entrance, several barrel-cactus and ocatilla plants are featured.

Within the various sections of the park, we found arrangements of folk art, natural desert-themed displays, western art and objects and fall displays.



Also, prominently displayed is the American Flag in all its glory, flapping in the wind – saluting the sky. I know it is Veteran’s Day, but I suspect those flags fly year round. This date of 11-11-11 is supposed to be lucky because all of the numbers are repetitive.  I guess that is true – it has been our lucky day to have a peaceful and interesting end to our journey.




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