The Roof Rats (

This is the first in the series of stories which illustrate the role of encouragement and support in keeping a family strong and connected.

As young teens, my brothers and some friends had an affinity to music and aspired to be Rock Stars.  At first presentation, this sounds so simple, but in execution the logistics can be problematic.  First, you need some financial backing for instruments and possibly lessons and associated equipment.  Then, you need a secure place to store it all; vehicles to haul it all.  Worst of all, you need a TOLERANT place to practice – loudly and repetitively!

My parents met this hierarchy of needs – even to the point that they had no functional “garage”, so a den in the house had to be sacrificed.  Just think how annoying that must have been – but it was done with love and support in their heart.  I was away at college during this time, so I was spared.  I suspect at their young age, the band members did not really appreciate the sacrifices being made – but the privileges were given freely without expectation of appreciation.  The goal was to help them succeed in their dream. Many years passed, as did band names, members and enthusiasm. But, every time the phoenix arose from the ashes, my parents were in support.

Recently, The Roof Rats have come upon a successful mix of members and have been playing local gigs for real money.  The success of today is linked to the support of the past. As a result, we have all become more connected. We show up for just about every performance and talk them up everywhere we go.  Dad beams like a light-bulb as he watches his sons’ dreams become a reality and has great pride in their talent and accomplishments. Mom is doing the same from her cloud in the sky, I am sure.




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