Remembering the people and events in our lives keeps us connected to our past and encourages us to create new memories in our future.  The silliest things make the most lasting memories and those stories are told over and over again with affection and laughter.  Even sad events give us memories and teach us lessons, if we are willing to learn… All of the building blocks of a solid family, (Traditions, Celebrations and Encouragement) are enriched by Reminiscing.  It keeps us focused on the good and goofy and grim (but useful) events that make us who we are.

By reminiscing we can re-live special moments and re-kindle emotions of the past.  We can re-connect with loved ones who have passed or are otherwise away from us.  Most importantly, we can travel along the lines that connected us in the past so that we can strengthen the lines we build today.



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