Pragmatic Theory.

SPLASH! Make one every day.

True encouragement lies in recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of an individual.  Our children sometimes find pathways that we had almost nothing to do with as a parent.  In this, lies their true self. Although it is much easier to encourage them in the direction that you have chosen for them, it is true love to encourage and respect their own path, even when it diverges from your personal vision.

In our son’s case, he has found and developed quite an affinity and artistic talent for photography and has forged out to pursue it on a semi-professional level (business cards and all). This evolution from a hobby to a passion has been inspiring and exciting to watch. He has found an artistic niche that supplements his income, yet still is pursuing his academic goals (what more could a mother ask for?).

He has a website sampling of his photography and metaphoric interpretations that is quite beautiful and introspective.  We hope you will take the time to visit (and enjoy) his site (




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