What Once Was You (a 9-11 tribute)

I originally composed this poem in honor of my Mother for her Memorial Service.  I think the words speak to the hearts of anyone who has lost a loved one.  On this 10-year anniversary of the tragic 9-11 attack, I would like to share these words with those who lost loved ones on that day and for those who continue to be sacrificed in our fight against terrorism.  I hope that they provide some comfort, peace and closure to their hearts and minds.  Take the time to remember your loved ones that have passed and don’t delay the opportunity to tell those that are still with you that you love them.

What Once Was You

What Once Was You, is still pulsing all around us,

In the memories and thoughts that tied and bound us.

You may be gone, but we can still sense your presence,

There is no form, but there are remnants and essence

Of the love and laughter, helping us to make sense.

What Once Was You, was complex – yet somehow, so plain.

A potpourri of petals will always remain –

Its fragrance guiding us to where we’ve never gone,

To lift our faces up each day to face the dawn

And plant our own gardens of petals and wisdom.

What Once Was You, tenderly touched out heart and mind –

Molding personalities – intelligent, bold and kind.

These gifts you gave us, we will have for a lifetime –

The tools of wit and spunk and balance and rhyme,

Aromas and music and travel and mealtime.

What Once Was You, will now be our inspiration

To hand tradition down by each generation.

To weave the sights, the sounds, the smells of our heart-song

Into fabric that blankets and comforts the throng –

Reminding us, softly, that we always belong.

What Once Was You, would want us to be brave and strong

To continue to move our daily lives along.

But, never forget from where we’ve come and gone.

We pledge to you that we will always say and do

And act with love, in honor of – What Once Was You.

What Once Was You, will live on and on forever

In those left behind and those coming together

To celebrate all that you held so dear and true

And to lift itself up to the heavens’ azure blue

As we recant the milestones of What Once Was You.

(Photo by:  Michael Isaacs 8-2011)



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