Happy (Almost) Halloween 10-15-11

Today was a travel day and our desired destination was Newburgh, NY (near Poughkeepsie) as a mid-way point to Gettysburg.  As we moved into Connecticut and back to New York, the fall colors began to intensify again and with it, the air became cool and crisp.  There was quite a crosswind that challenged Dad with the high profile of the RV, but he stayed the course.  We visited our first (of many, I suspect) Cracker Barrel Restaurants for a late lunch and while there, I picked up a few Halloween decorations that were discounted to get us in the spooky holiday spirit.  It was a good thing, because when we arrived at our KOA, we discovered there was a Haunted Halloween Fest this weekend at the campground which was decorated and had planned theme activities.

While registering our site, I bought a medium sized pumpkin for carving and some candy for the Trick or Treaters who would haunt our doorstep later that evening.  There was a site decorating contest and a costume parade and tomorrow there will be FREE pancakes!

Dad hollowed out the gourd and pain-stakingly separated the seeds from the pulp that I would later toast and salt for a snack.  Then, it was the crucial moment to decide on the face…since we were surrounded by trees and falling leaves, we traced patterns of maple, oak and elm leaves randomly and in the shape of a face.  I cut them out and Dad put the top back on – but, something was missing…  He picked up our leaf patterns and inserted them under the lid so they stuck out like hair, or ears, or whatever your imagination chose.  Perfect!  We got MANY compliments from passers-by.

It was pretty close to those Halloween celebrations of my youth – carving with my family, decorating, pumpkin seeds, trick or treating and roasted hot dogs.  This was really a family event and tons of children darted from site to site to gather their goodies, while Moms and Dads (some also in costume) kept a watchful eye. Seeing all the families around me connecting in this special and fun way, gives me hope that family values are still out there and still valuable.  We hope that your Halloween is fun and safe. Our words of the day: No matter how old you are, take the time to have FUN!



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