Wet and Wild 10-28-11

After a hot and sticky night (tonight we are turning on the AC), we started the rainy day with home-made French Toast and then packed up to move on down the road.  We had a rather a short commute planned today, but it took as from the coast to a more inland location.  The rain clouds ocassionally gave way to let rays of sun peak through and the rain stopped (temporarily) but started up again…and again…and again.

Unfortunately, it started again when we reached Jupiter, Fla. where we met my husband’s niece (-in-law) who treated us to a fantastic lunch by an upscale water-inlet.  Sitting amoungst the watercraft and the fish tank and the sushi, it was a welcome point of relaxation.  We appreciate her taking time out of her busy schedule to accomodate “the vagabonds”. Hope to see her and her husband again soon.

About anothr 50 miles was our final destination – Lake Okeechobee.  All along the route there were marshes and bogs and swamps and an occasional animal farm and then a large spanse of sod farm followed by an even larger sugar cane crop.  The water birds were plentiful and beautifully silloueted against the water. When we reached our camp, we were warned to BEWARE of ALLIGATORS – OK…!  I also saw a sign indicating that Manatees frequented the dock waters – I saw plenty of bubbles and shadows, but none ever surfaced for a good photo.  More birds lined the docks and shoreline and a large, circling flock cried in the distance (reminiscent of The Birds).


In that same distance, angry storm clouds were brewing and we did get a downpour, but that seems to have settled down a bit, for now.

Hopefully, the rain will stay at bay long enough for us to walk up to Big Bertha’s Fish House and Tiki Bar (DJ tonight). They gave us free drink tickets and there is fried catfish right out of the Lake.  So today, we got wet, we saw some wildlife, and who knows – tonight we might just get wild!  We have to train for Key West, so what better excuse!

Our words of the day come from a woman who I encountered fishing off the pier.  She appeared to be in her 70’s (or more), wearing a tattered house-dress, slip-on slippers with a floppy hat that covered her corn-rows. Her body was bent and her face was wrinkled, but she had a smile on her face and life in her step as she rolled her fishing gear to her favorite spot.  I thought to take a picture, but I was afraid that she would think it rude – but I did greet her and wished her luck.  “Honey”, she said, “I is already lucky to be a-standin’ here today!”



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