Welcome Traditions!

In this section, we will explore the impact that forming and keeping Traditions can have on the family unit.  Traditions don’t have to be elaborate, they can be easy and simple.  But the key to Traditions is that they have to be dependable and consistent.  The family will come to embrace Traditions only when they feel connected to something reliable and meaningful. This usually takes a facilitator, of sorts, to take the bull by the horn and begin the process.  Different Traditions will have various family facilitators.

For many, holiday traditions are the easiest to recognize, but the hardest to execute during the flurry of activity of the season.  But – it is possible to have a few special holiday Traditions that stand the test of time and bring the family together. Throughout the year, I will share some of our holiday Traditions and hope to hear about some of yours.

In our family, food has a place of honor and is the basis for many Traditional dishes and the stories that accompany them.  Many a family dinner occurs where we prepare special dishes that remind us of persons and events that have long passed, but still remain in our hearts.  Comfort food brings us all to a common table which is an important (and, sadly, vanishing in our society) Tradition of sorts and I will share some of our recipes and family stories that our Mother passed on to us.

So, WELCOME TO THE TRADITIONS PAGE! I hope that you will visit it many, many more times to get inspiration and ideas that are some of the key building-blocks of Family Connections.



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