Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Nobody said it better than my Mom, so I will turn this blog over to her “Thanksgiving – Then and Now” post from November 2006.  She has passed, but we still all get together to keep the traditions and are in the midst of preparing some of her recipes for the big day (which are included in her blog that is attached).  My brother is going to bake the big turkey and my husband will deep-fry a large breast.  Look at the October 11 post from our Road-Trip to Beantown for a great Yams in a Pan recipe that I will be using this year. The rest of us will fill in the meal with hor d’ourves and side dishes and desserts.  We hope that your celebration with family and friends is also blessed.  Now, I will turn over control of the mouse to Mom…click on this link to open the file: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE







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