Turkey Day

We are so fortunate to have our family close to each other so that we can share this day together with each other and friends.  We take a group effort approach to the festivities.   This year, my brother baked a super moist 20.5 lb  that was picture perfect and my husband deep fried an 8 lb breast – there were plenty of leftovers to send home for those beloved turkey sandwiches.  Dad and my other brother handled the mashed – creamy and rich.  I did the hor’dourves, pumpkin soup, the sides and the pies.  Hor’doureves made their debut during the football games. I made a ham, cheese, onion, mushroom and potato quiche using country ham and potatoes that Dad and I bought in the Carolinas.  We had Waldorf lettuce cups using apples and Georgia pecans that we got on the road as well. Ravioli Alfredo, Italian meats, a cheese variety (including the chevre’ we got at the goat farm), bruschetta and veggies with crackers and breads rounded out the fare.  For dinner, I made those Yams in the Pan, Stovetop stuffing (family’s favorite), Mike’s creamed onions, gravy, asparagus and fried onions, Crescent Rolls and cranberry assortments. Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple pie were for dessert – need I say more?  (Yes, with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream!) Mike turned on the Christmas lights before everybody left, so they could see the first of Christmas as the holiday season blossoms again.

Today, all the Thanksgiving decorations came down and all the Christmas decorations went up.  The house looks festive and beautiful and is filled with the soft glow of Christmas. The ornaments will go onto the tree this Sunday and I will explain that tradition on my next installment.  I hope that all of you are getting in the spirit despite trying times. Remember that the secret of the season is within our hearts, not our wallets.  Enjoy every day and enjoy each other.  The best gift is to give of your heart and your time.





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